ART MANDALA ~ Sun’Sky’Sea & Universe

ART MANDALA ~ Sun’Sky’Sea & Universe
Sonia Trošt

Mag.Sonia Trošt’s opus of paintings expresess the symbol world of different vibrations on Earth, in the ocean, in the sky and in the Universe that surrounds us. Through her precise observation of the nature, sun, water, oceans, elements of air, earth, stars and planets, ART MANDALAS are being born through a majestic explosion of the colors on canvas.

The worlds, mostly hidden to our eyes Sonia is bringing into forms.She paints different energetic structures and shapes – structures on the canvas, that awake different impulses and feelings. Her art is a synergetic explosion of colors, shapes, natural materials, Swarovski crystals, minerals, sands and dusts…A vision, transmiting the invisible to the visible world.
Sonia Trošt is a magister of Academy of Art in Ljubljana and also University of Architecture. She completed the studies of architecture under the mentorship of prof.Peter Gabrijelčič and the magisterium specialization at Art academy under the mentorship of painter prof.Andrej Jemec. She worked in cooperation with Boris Podrecca on University for Architecture Ljubljana. In Slovenia and abroad (Lugano, Switzerland, London, Great Britain, Bangalore-Vrindavana, India) she specialized in Eco architecture and art.
She lives and works mainly on slovenian Coast.
She is installing crystal codes into energetic paintings, which are the reflection of the stary sky and positions of the planets in the sky.

Her projects are executed in Slovenia and abroad under one title: Ecolife ART.
Link to mag.Sonia Trošt’s exhibitions:

Her artwork was exhibited in Culture center Rotunda in Koper, Eko Art Center in Pula (Croatia), Atrium of hotel Convent in Ankaran, Interactive European museum etc.

Sonia was exhibiting also a special event which took place in Culture center for European space technologies in Slovenia – a 6 hourse sound Mandala for midsummer night, hosting a world famous percussionist Andrea Cantazzo from USA.

Her paintings, exhibited at Internautica 2016 – ART MANADALAS, are connected with the melody of the sea and the sun, signs of the Earth and Sky, which accompany the sailor on his way to known and unknown.
Subtitle of the exhibition is: Sun’Sky’Sea & Universe

Exhibited paintings try to present the limitless of Space & Sky, Sun & Sea, depths and vastness of the Earth, Oceans, Stars and the whole Universe.

Madala Art and paintings are shown from a different point of view.
Exhibited paintings will be accompanied by the live sounds of the sea and it’s depths, singing bowls, flute and vocals of amazing musicians.

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